Saturday, February 2, 2008

Oh yeah!

Still a good boy! M and D have been leaving me on my own since the other day when M found out she could trust me. I had one tiny little weeny incident where I grabbed a notebook off the kitchen table and brought it into the living room on the couch. But I didn't chew it! I was just reading! So the humans are very proud of me and they can't wait until Cassie can be left uncrated. But M said it's going to be a while. Cassie is still a baby and a bit more of a chewer than I was at her age. And I'm a big boy, dontcha know? It's almost my birthday! February 13th is right around the corner.

Check out this guy that's staying with us. His name is Teddy and he's a pretty cool dude. He thinks he can bark louder than me, but we have barking contests to settle the fact that I am MUCH louder (M's been complaining about a headache). He's a foster dude from a local rescue called Austin Dog. Unfortunately, he's got heartworms pretty bad and is getting treated for them. When he was pulled from the shelter, he had one huge shell of matts all over his back and lower body. He still has some, but he needs to keep some of his fur for the colder days this time of year. One of his ears is a little twisted, either something from birth or from a fight with another dog at one point. Mom says he really is cuddly like a teddy bear, but that he needs a cooler name to match his personality. The person that adopts him when he's ready to go is going to be sooooo LUCKY.

But I've got to go. It's a really nice day outside and we're gonna go PLAY!!

Until next time!!!