Friday, June 22, 2007

I'm a ramblin' dog. . .

Hi everydoggy. Guess what? My humans and I are taking a long road trip to ARIZONA to meet my great gramma and some other family members. Mom hasn't seen Gramma in a few years and this will be my first time meeting her, so it's about time we head out there to say hi.
We're leaving on Monday morning (bright and early at 5:30am) to make the 12 hour drive to Tuscon, AZ. Of course we'll make plenty of pit stops and at least 2 one hour breaks for me to run around and see the sights of West Texas and New Mexico. 'Still, a 12 hour drive seems pretty long,' you might say. But not for me! I love riding in the car. The bumpier the better too! At first it's like a roller coaster ride until it lulls me to sleep and I pass out curled up in a ball. I'm not much of a 'ride halfway out the window dog' like some other guys I've seen on the road. My mom doesn't really like it when I do it, and besides - the wind messes up my fur.
I'm excited about getting there and meeting my family. I wonder what they're like and if they'll like me. I keep thinking about all of the fun things we might do while we're there. Maybe I'll meet a roadrunner! Mom says that they like it out there.
Have any of you doggies out there traveled to another city or state? What was it like? Was it a whole lot different?

PS. After reading this post, Daddy was upset that he wasn't mentioned at all, so I just wanted to say 'I love you, Dad!'

Friday, June 15, 2007

Oh no!

Dad vaccuumed the carpet today!!! Which means I resumed my typical 'get that thing away from me' pose and frequented my favorite hiding spots.
The arm of the couch so that it can't reach me:
And under the bed while it's chewing up the carpet in the living room:

Mom tried talking me into coming out:
(oh and Mom wanted me to tell you that she's not trying to yank me out from under the bed by my ears in this picture, she's just giving me some good ear scratching to bribe me into giving the vaccuum a chance)

She said that it wouldn't hurt me and that there was nothing to be scared about. But believe me, if you saw and heard the vaccuum at my house, you wouldn't like it either!

So I'll just hang out under here until I know for sure that it's gone:


Saturday, June 9, 2007

Good to be back...'s been a while since I got to post a new blog for everydoggy out there. My mom's computer has been 'on the fritz' as she likes to say. After a week of harassing her to get it fixed so that I could see what all of my friends were up to, she FINALLY dedicated some time to finding the problem and she was able to fix it. (See, our humans come in handy sometimes.)

So how are all of my doggy blogging buddies out there? Is the weather starting to get hot where you live? It's already 90 degrees here in Austin! Yesterday my Mom took me out to play with my friend Ellie (the cutest Basset, Beagle, Lab mix you've ever seen) but it was so hot out there that I didn't want to run around. I tried for a few minutes, but then decided that Ellie and I were better off digging a hole in the nice cool dirt under the big oak tree. We just played Bitey-Face under there for a while until Mom decided it was time to go inside, get a drink and cool off. I said bye to Ellie and her dad, Jordan and went inside to take a nap on the tile floor by the refrigerator.

It got very hot very quick. Just last week, it was perfect weather to run around in the park, get muddy, and play some football.

...a new record! Muddy within the first 2 minutes.

...check out this cool action shot Mom took while I was pouncing on my training dummy.

Dad made me smile so he could get a picture of me with the Cowboys football.

My humans are big football fans, so I have a feeling I'll be watching a few practices of our local school team at the park and watching a bunch of games on TV with them. Mom and Dad always fight over what team they think I like: Dad is a Cowboys fan and Mom likes the NY Giants (she grew up in NYC). They truth is, I don't really care! A bunch of people running around with a ball and wrestling with each other just looks like fun to me. Do you think the NFL would recognize an all-doggy football team? Who's up for it?

Until next time...Take care!