Sunday, April 29, 2007

A dog's life...

Let me catch you up on everything that's been going on since I came home 4 weeks ago. The first few days with my mom and dad, they kept calling me "cute" and "adorable" and my mom wouldn't stop giving me kisses!

When we got home, I met my new sister, Lani. She was kind of funny looking and she didn't like me very much. After staring at her for a little bit, I realized that she wasn't a dog but. . . something else.

A few days later, Mom took me to a place called "the vet's." It sounded a little scary, but all the people that I met there were so nice! They put me up high on a big shiny table and fed me a bunch of treats while they poked and tickled me all over. This "vet's" isn't too bad of a place.
Everyday I grew and grew and before I knew it, my parents stopped calling me 'little guy' and started calling me 'big boy'. It seems like I was learning something new every second! I even learned how to help Mom with the laundry. . .

My mom says that I'm about to be 3 months old (whatever that means) and that I'm getting more and more handsome every day that passes. Lani and I get along a little better now, but she still doesn't like it when I try to play tag with her. Sometimes, she teases me by jumping up to places that I can't reach and then makes funny 'meow' noises at me. Other times she just hisses and it hurts my feelings. But I really like it when we play together and when she lets me walk up to her and give her kisses. I think that one day she's going to be my friend. I've gone back to the "vet's" a couple of times now and my mom says that I'm "protected" from getting sick. She said that I'm allowed to go to the park and maybe go for a swim! I'm so excited about everything and I can't wait to make some friends!


"Sunshine" said...

Hi Orion, (& Orion's mom)

Your site is great, and sure to become a favorite for me and my yellow labs.

You truly are dangerously adorable and cute. Just when I thought it was safe I find myself having thoughts of getting another puppy - especially after seeing just how cute and adorable you are.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving us a message. I know that your mom cares a lot about you. Hopefully she has learned something here that makes your life more fun for you.

Keep us posted as you grow up to be the awesome dog that cute puppy face tells me you will be soon.


"Sunshine" - Shelby & Nutmeg

Lorenza said...

Hi, Orion. It is just a matter of time that Lani will accept you as a partner to play with.
We need vet's to get protected as you mom says. Sometime it hurts but we forget pretty soon.