Thursday, May 3, 2007

Tuesday was such a busy day for me! First, Lani and I played tag all through the house. She would jump up on a table, then she'd jump onto the couch and I'd go crashing over the table to run after her. I was JUST about to tag her when Mom stopped me. I think she was a little angry that everything that was supposed to be on the table was on the floor, but I gave her my best 'I'm sorry' look and she started laughing at me. I think it might have been because some of the stuff that was on the table (namely the ketchup and the jelly) was all over my face and chest. (Mom wishes she had the camera.)
After all of that excitement and a quick bath, it was time to go back to the vet's! It was just a quick visit this time; I didn't even see Dr. Cottier. Denise gave me another shot, but it didn't hurt too much. They told me that it was a Bordetella shot and that it's really important. I need to go back in 6 months to get it again. Everybody wanted to play with me and I did some tricks for them out in the waiting room. And then the best part! My mom gave me my Heartgard chew. I can only have it once a month, but it's my favorite!

Then it was off to the park! I got to roll around in the Blue Bonnetts for a while, dig in the dirt, and run around after birds. My mom wouldn't let me swim though because she squished that Frontline stuff on my back. I'm supposed to have it every month so that I don't get fleas and ticks. It's the best stuff out there because I don't get itchy at the end of the month.

When we left, I was soooo tired. The second I got back into the car I stretched out and took a nap on the way home.

It was too bad I got a bath earlier that day because I was DIRTY! Shh...don't tell Mom, but I left muddy paw prints on the carpet.


Anonymous said...

Hi Orion,

I thought that I would be the first to post a comment on your web page. First let me say that you are a very beautiful, and smart dog. You don't even mispell and words at your age. I was seventeen before I could spell words with more than six letters. Just kidding.
I would also like to comment on what a pretty mommy you have. You must have a really good looking grandmother, but who am I to say. I might be a little cocky since you are my grandpupy.
Say hello to Mommy and Daddy for me.

Anonymous said...

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