Wednesday, May 9, 2007

New Adventures

So, Mom and Dad told me that they're looking for a new home - a bigger place for all of us. They said they're going to find one with a big yard so I can run around and play with my favorite toys, chase after birds and balls alike, and bask in the sun. I'm even going to get my own wading pool! Since we're all sooooo ready to find a new home, Mom's been spending A LOT of time on the computer looking at houses all over the place. No matter how much noise I made and no matter how many times I barked (and believe me, I barked a LOT), she still didn't get off the computer! And then Dad was looking at it, too! Finally, I gave up and and took a nap. Soon, they woke me up and said that we were going to the park to do something called a "barbeque." I was kind of mad that they had ignored me for so long (like 45 minutes!!!!!), but Mommy gave me kisses and said she would make it up to me. So off to the park we went. I don't know exactly what this "barbecue" thing is, but it sure smelled good! We played around in the water and played some fetch. I found this really cool dead snake, but my mom wouldn't let me near it. I ran around a bunch and we stayed until the sun went down.

I'm going to meet my cousin, Hobbs on Friday and if it's nice weather, we're going to go to the lake!!! I'll definitely tell you all about it and maybe post some pictures (I'm sure Mom will take some.)
Take care!


Maggie said...

BBQ's are the bestest Orion! Make sure you look real sweet while begging and you'll be rewarded!
Mitch hasn't found any snakes yet but he's eaten lots of worms! ewwwwwwwwwww

Love ya lots,

Peanut said...

Oh Bbqs are so much fun. I can't beleive your parents ignored cute little you for a whole 45 minutes

Ferndoggle said...

Best part about BBQs...the humans drop food & you get to eat it!!