Sunday, May 20, 2007

Tails and Twigs

This is my neighbor, Jessie. We met at the park the other day and played tag for a while. That little white blur in the picture is me trying to get away from him.

We played for a long time until finally Jessie's Mom said that it was time to go home. We live in the same neighborhood though, so we'll see him again.
Mom, Dad, and I stayed at the park and chewed on sticks. . .well. . .I chewed on sticks and they threw them around for me to chase. The bigger the stick the better, and I'll search everywhere for the biggest one.
Mom!!! I want this one!

I can't reach it...

...just a liiiiittttlllee further...

...little more... it!!!

Look Mom! Take a picture, I got it!

Take care!


Peanut said...

That's quite a big stick for a little guy like you.

Sparky said...

That stick is huge! Can you share it with me? :)