Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My mom thinks I'm part Terrier. . .

...because I'm always digging under things.
My bed:

(that's me under there)

and under the couch...


Do any of you other doggies like to dig and hide under your human's furniture?

Take Care!


Sophie Brador said...

Hey Orion, You won't be doing that for long. Even by next week, under the couch is going to get kinda small for you. Aaaah, I remember those days.

Peanut said...

I liked to do that when I was a puppy but I'm to big to do it now.

Sparky said...

I like to sleep under the couch! It's nice and cool in the summer.

I like the pictures. :)


Sparky the Puggle said...

I used to hide under the couch too - but now I am too big...but I do hang out under the bed, and in the shower, behind the curtain!