Sunday, January 20, 2008

Memory Lane

So M and D got a new gadget today that they've been playing with for a few hours. I think they said a three in one paw-ter? (oh wait...M says it's a printer) Anyway, they say that they can scan old pictures onto the computer now. M has been wanting to upload some pictures of some of my "ancestors" (if you will). She spent all day looking through old pictures to find some and she found photos of most of her previous dogs, but not all. Anyway, she showed me a bunch of them and at first they all seemed really different than Cassie and me. Some of them looked like other dogs I've met at the dog park and some of them I had never seen anything like before! Then all of a sudden, I though I was looking into a mirror! (okay, well not totally...unless the mirror was tinted yellow and if I was a lot smaller) You'll see what I mean!

These first two family members were my Mom's childhood friends. This cute Cocker is Patches. M doesn't have a whole lot of memories of him except a few moments of playing with him and of Patches greeting her when she got home from Kindergarten.

This is Sandy-boy. He was a very loyal and sweet Lhasa Apso and M's very best friend when she was growing up. He was a sandy color when he was a pup (as seen in this picture), but after he turned one or so he turned completely gray. He was a sick boy and had problems with epilepsy. He had his first seizure around his second birthday and it continued to get worse. M and her family were able to keep it under control with medication and it helped him have good days for the next three years. After he turned five, however, his little body couldn't take it anymore and he crossed the rainbow bridge. M was out of town (across the country) when he got very sick and had to be brought to the vets. She'll never feel better about how she wasn't able to be there during his last couple of days and last few hours :(

This is Buddy. He was a good (and very crazy) collie-mix. He was extremely neglected in his prior home; he had no training, was completely unaware of how to act in a home environment and didn't know his own strength.
He was a beautiful boy (these pictures don't do him justice as they were taken right after he was taken home from the shelter). Mom can't find anymore pictures of him, but he was a good friend and lived a long, healthy life.

And then there was Hooper. This is the boy that changed everything (as M said in her post the other day). He only spent a short time in Mom's life, but he changed it forever. Unfortunately, he developed an immuno-deficiency disorder and was unable to fight off a parvo-like illness. Mom wishes that she took a lot more pictures of him during the 2 weeks he spent in her home.

And here is Amadeus! (A lot of boys in the past, eh?) What a sweet puppy face!

He grew up to be a very loyal partner, very HUGE, and VERY smart.
In fact, Amadeus was SO smart, that he went through complete training to be a bomb sniffing dog! He passed all of his tests and though M was sad to see him go, he joined the program and is still living with the same owners and trainers that he went to live with long ago. Mom has just recently made contact again with his owners (contact was lost for about 2 years) and found out that he's still a very sweet boy, though much older. He is retired now and spends his days at home laying in the sun and playing with his 2 siblings -- a lab mix named Honey, and a corgi mix named Snickers.

I know that a few people have posted about their ancestors, and thanks to the Maryann and the Brat Pack for posting the pictures of the gang a few years back. We especially enjoyed all the pics of Thrawn and Dakota, not to mention baby pics of Tucker :) Anyone else want to post pictures of your predecessors? We'd really like to see them!!

'Til next time!


Maggie & Mitch said...

We love memory lane shots! Thanks for the trip!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Sophie Brador said...

Hey Guys, I think the road to Labrador must run through Lhasa. My mom has a Lhasa Apso too. She called him her little Lhasa A$$hole, because he was so stubborn and sort of did what he pleased, but she loved him to bits and pieces. Then she got me!


Amber-Mae said...

Wow, what a great story!!! My family now never had any other dogs before but my hooman M & dad used to have one when they were kids.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Peanut said...

Oh it is nice looking at all the past doggies. How neat that Amadeus is living out his retirement being loved