Saturday, November 3, 2007

It's picture day... I hope everyone has high speed! :)
There's been so much going on lately. The house is hopping with excitement! First of all, Cassie is TROUBLE!!! Oh man, she knows how to get into it. She even gets ME into trouble. Can you believe that? Little innocent me?

She's an escape artist too! The humans try to give us some freedom while they're at work and leave us in the kitchen instead of locking us in our crates, but she's found a way out 3 times now! M and D have finally perfected the technique, but we still have to keep an eye on her.

We've been having a really good time settling in to the new house, exploring our new territory, and getting to know each other.

We have lots more room to run around and play...even when Dad's trying to work...

I have no idea WHY, but Cassie and one of the furballs fatsos cats act like they're best friends or something! Look at the way Phoenix is looking at the camera! "MY PUPPY. DON'T TOUCH."

She's learning stuff quickly now..but she can still be a stupid head. In this picture, we're both waiting patiently for our dinner.

Actually, I couldn't ask for a better little sister. She gets on my nerves sometimes, but she's awfully cute and she's pretty funny, too! I think she can stay.

Here's a video of me zooming around the backyard on a cool night a couple of days ago. I kinda disappear in the dark for a little bit, but I come back! Just try to ignore my humans annoying voices while you watch me in action!

Until next time!


Anonymous said...

It's great to hear you are both getting along so well - we loved the photo of Cassie with Phoenix. She looks so funny in the video - like she's going to chase you before deciding it's all too hard!!


Maggie & Mitch said...

Great pictures, Orion! I love that one of Cassie and Phoenix! How come Cassie doesn't chase the ball with you? Sibs can be a real pain but they are worth keeping - I totally agree with you!

Love ya lots,

Sparky said...

I love the pictures. And wow, you're so fast! We should go running together someday, and see who's faster! Hehe.


Amber-Mae said...

Woh! She's one pro escape artist. Hope she didn't go too far...She better find new ways to escape now. Wah! You're really fast zooming.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer